Operating a gambling facility illegally is a big no-no in the United States. Just recently, police in Pennsylvania were able to bust a an illegally operating video gambling organization in the state, arresting the alleged owner and shutting down operations in several counties, including Westmoreland, Fayette, Allegheny and Washington.

The multi-million dollar video gambling scheme would allow visitors of clubs, restaurants and bars to win credits by playing games at the establishments. The winners could then turn the credits in for cash at the facilities. Anthony Zenner was arrested on the 12th of this month, the owner of Zenner Vending, which allegedly put more than 140 gaming devices in facilities across the state for more than a decade.

According to witness testimony, Zenner would collect money once a week from the games and would split the profits with the owner of the restaurant, bar or club where the machines were located. The Attorney General of the state has alleged that Zenner was responsible for providing machines to 33 locations in four different counties.

The investigation into Zenner’s enterprise took three years to complete and in April, police moved forward against the business by confiscating more than 100 video poker machines along with a car and $83,000 in cash found at a warehouse owned by Zenner.

Several bank accounts were listed under Zenner’s name, with police freezing $63,000 spread across various accounts. In total, the authorities are alleging that Zenner was able to earn $7 million over the past ten years with his gaming business. Zenner has denied the charges against him via his attorney. During the investigation, police used undercover surveillance with a state trooper testifying that he watched Zenner remove and mix money together to obscure its origin.

Zenner claims he runs a legitimate vending machine company, offering everything from snack and drink machines to pool tables and dart boards.

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