In the casino industry of Nevada, there are policy changes being considered that would see the state get tough on sexual harassment involving employees of gaming venues. A serious crackdown could be about to take place in the workplace as cocktail servers and housekeepers continue to file claims stating they are being harassed.

The policy changes come at a time when the #MeToo movement has become more widespread. Women are coming forward more with accusations of misconduct against fellow employees on the job. A shift in individuals coming forward, both men and women, began when Steve Wynn, the mogul behind the Wynn brand, was accused of sexual harassment by employees.

New policies that are being considered would see regulators requiring casinos to keep a written sexual harassment prevention policy and report and investigate claims. The number of harassment complaints against individuals will need to be reported annually to the group. Support for such proposals has been provided by companies like Caesars Entertainment and the Wynn Las Vegas, but others state that such policies would duplicate what they already have in place for worker protections.

Close to 60% of cocktails servers and over 25% of housekeepers report being sexually harassed on the job in the state of Nevada. Harassment claims include co-workers as well as guests. In a letter to regulators, union representatives have said that sexual harassment is an everyday indignity that employees are facing.

The new reporting requirements would be listed under the existing rules that will allow regulators to discipline casinos if they fall short. Oversight would be given to the regulating body to mandate that written policies include descriptions of the conduct that is prohibited as well as making operators undergo mandatory annual reviews of their procedures.

Each year, license holders will have to submit a checklist showing that they have met the minimum standards as well as provide data on valid sexual harassment complaints. The changes are being considered and could possibly be implemented in the near future.

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