The Poker Players Alliance has long been a supporter of poker players rights. The group works hard to make sure that players are treated fairly and have the advantages they need to enjoy poker in any form. The PPA has been heavily involved in online poker negotiations and legislation development in the US and continues to work hard to try and see online poker a reality across the board.

This month, the PPA launched an initiative called the Poker Daily Action Plan, asking players to take to Twitter to contact Congressman to get the point across about online poker. The group has asked players to step up their game to try and get legislators to see the player side. Those who do not have Twitter have been given further options for contact via the PPA to try and advocate for the game.

This week, the Global Internet Gaming Summit and Expo took place and provided John Pappas, the Executive Director of the PPA, with an outlet for discussing online poker. The conference is one fo the largest in North America and Pappas would have a platform that consisted of hundreds of regulators, legislators, gaming executives and more.

While at the conference, Pappas was able to meet with CEOs, lawmakers, lobbyists and others to present the issues at hand within the US online poker industry. According to the PPA, discussions were held and Pappas was able to attend panel discussions to learn more about a variety of topics which included social gaming, Interstate compacts and payment processing.

The more Pappas is able to learn, the better the PPA will be able to lobby for online poker legislation. There were many hot topics of discussion including the future compacts for interstate gaming and of course the acquisition of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming. The Executive Director was able to learn a great deal and will now be able to share information with the public and continue to work for the poker public.

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