3D Shiny USA textRand Paul is planning on running for president and after announcing his candidacy for the position, Paul stated that he is against the Restoration of America’s Wire Act of Sheldon Adelson’s. This bill would ban online gambling in the US, stopping the already blossoming industry in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

In an interview with The Alpha Pages, Paul was asked about his thoughts on the movement to stop online poker and he responded: “I’m opposed to restrictions on online gambling. The government needs to stay out of that business.”

Rich Muny, the Vice President of the Poker Players Alliance, was happy to hear the presidential hopeful’s words, stating that this is another reason he would probably be voting for Rand. Muny stated it was great to hear that he is pro-online poker.

It is not surprising that Rand Paul is a supporter of online poker as his father Ron Paul is a libertarian and tends to be in support of such actions. It is an interesting position for Paul to take but one that could help him gain votes to become the president. It will be interesting to see if Paul will be able to gain the position and make any changes to help support the online poker industry in the United States.

The fight for poker continues as proponents and opponents go back and forth to see who can win. Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Senator Lindsey Graham are the main opponents of the gaming option, and continue to support the measure pushed by Adelson to see online poker stopped in the US. After holding a ridiculous hearing, the legislators are still trying to stop online poker from taking place. Adelson and his cronies seem to be trying to do whatever it takes to stop the activity across the board.

Proponents of the activity continue to work to see additional states offering online poker gaming. Federal legislation may be on the books in the near future but only time will tell which group win the battle for online gaming.


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