Sports betting licensing is no longer taking place in Germany after the Administrative Court of Darmstadt published a ruling that stopped the process. Details were provided as to what caused the action, with the court upholding a complaint by Vierklee, an Austrian sports betting operator. The complaint argued that the process for licensing in Germany was subject to a lack of transparency as well as several other issues .

So now, the process for licensing is now suspended for an unspecified time frame. This has caused a disturbance in the sector regarding sports betting operators who want to offer services in the region. Vierklee brought the case to light after becoming interested in offering sports betting. They said they faced an opaque process that seemed to benefit companies that had been active before in the local online wagering market.

The operator claimed that operators who were active last summer were given access to a special information event that was hosted by the Regional Council of Darmstadt. Vierklee said that the Council gave these companies more information about the process of licensing. The bookmaker complained that some operators had more information about the licensing process than others who are applying.

Vierklee also stated that the lack of transparency regarding the license criteria that applicants must meet in order to be approved. This claim was agreed to by the Darmstadt Administrative Court. The court also said that the lack of uniform date regarding when licensed operators could begin offering services was discriminatory and it gives certain groups an advantage.

The Court also ruled that the gambling regulatory body created to oversee the new regime could be considered unconstitutional and lacks transparency. They also said that they did not feel the group would be able to make arbitrary decisions based on the new industry.

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