As regulatory measures are tightening in the United Kingdom, players are about to find even more changes are afoot in the coming months. The UK Gambling Commission announced this week that they are adding to player protections by banning credit card gambling. On April 14th, 2020, all-gambling related transactions via credit cards will be null and void.

The decision comes after groups like GambleAware have called for more restrictions on fast and lose payment methods for gambling. The Gambling Commission has conceded and are removing credit cards as an option to make gambling safer for players and to reduce the risk of consumers being subject to harm related to gambling. GambleAware felt that lawmakers were turning a blind eye to gambling addiction by allowing players to use credit cards for wagering.

Websites that will now bee affected by the credit card ban include: PokerStars, Bet365, 888 and Betfair.  These brands allow players to use credit cards like Visa and MasterCard to deposit.

Neil McArthur, the UK Gambling Commission chief, commented on the measures, stating that credit cards could lead to significant financial harm. By introducing the new ban, the risk is reduced for players to develop an addition to gambling.

It is believed that the measures will lead to further payment service provider suspensions. It is suggested that PayPal will be next, despite their history of being reliable and law-abiding as a payment processor around the globe.

Helen Whately, the Minister of Culture, weighed in as well, stating that there was clear evidence of harm that consumers are wagering with money they do not have. According to Whately, over the past year, the Commission has introduced tougher measures to benefit players, including lowering the minimum stake on fixed odds betting terminals and creating tighter identity checks.

Even though major changes have been made, more measures are coming in the future for additional restrictions.

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