This past week, the mid-term elections saw several significant changes to the gambling industry, including in the state of Florida. For months now, a push and pull has taken place in the state regarding Amendment 3, a change to the constitution that would see voters gain control of gambling expansion in the state. After a major push by Disney and the Seminole Tribe, with tens of millions in donations used to promote the change, voters decided to approve the measure.

Also known as Voter Approval of Casino Gambling, Amendment 3 was approved this week, giving the residents of Florida the exclusive right to make the decision to see changes in the state involving gambling expansion. A total of 71.5% of voters were in approval of the measure, ready to take on the challenge of deciding if changes should take place regarding gaming in the region.

The Seminole Tribe already operates six gaming venues in the state and wanted to maintain their exclusivity when it comes to casino gambling. The group spent over $24.3 million in support of the amendment. Disney was also in on the donations, contributing just over $20 million in order to maintain their tourism stronghold.

Opponents of the measure felt that the amendment was an approach that was anti-competitive and would place limitations on poker and casino gaming for the state in the future. Any changes to the industry will now be much harder as voters will have to submit their approval first.

Also, on the ballot was Amendment 13, a ban on wagering involving dog races. This ban was approved by 69% of voters. The change will see dog racing end by the year 2020. It seems the residents in Florida are not open to any gambling changes at this time. If ideals change in the future, it will be difficult to see any additions made, which will certainly please Disney as well as the Seminole Tribe.

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