There are rules and regulations that people must follow, no matter what you do. From driving to the work environment and even poker gaming, there are rules that must be followed. Along with the rules, there are also etiquette and mannerisms that people should abide by. In a recent WSOP event, one player was unable to continue after using a racial slur. As the US is being plagued by racial outbursts, it seems the WSOP is yet another victim in these useless and unnecessary acts by individuals across the country.

Adrian Sorin Lovin was competing in a $1,500 WSOP poker tournament last week when he decided to use a racial slur when describing poker pro Maurice Hawkins. Reportedly, Lovin told Hawkins to ‘shut up n*****. The poker pro is well-known at the table for his talking and was not happy with the words that were directed at him. The tournament staff gave Hawkins a penalty at first and then eventually decided to disqualify the player for his actions.

The account of the incident was corroborated by other players who were at the Rio, including fellow poker pro Dutch Boyd. A statement by Boyd revealed that Lovin was quiet after the incident after others began to realize what had happened.

Lovin is from Italy and does not seem to realize the depth of what he said. In an interview with AssoPoker, he stated that his remarks were justified based on the fact that Hawkins had jokingly told him to kiss his ass in Italian.

Hawkins has commented on what happened via Twitter, stating that the WSOP showed America how to deal with Racism and that is with zero tolerance. He went on to say he was proud to play in the WSOP and be a part of the poker brand. Jack Effel made the decision to disqualify Lovin and walked the player out himself as he was removed.


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