Poker rooms have been the target of criminals as of late, with the Bellagio Poker Room recently being robbed, with poker players in the room none the wiser. Now, another poker room has been victim to a robbery.  Las Vegas Police are looking into a recent robbery that took place at the New York-New York casino, a property owned by MGM Resorts International.

According to reports, the poker room of the casino was robbed by an individual with a handgun. No one was injured during the robbery and it is unclear just how much the robber was able to get away with. The employee in the cage acted as the employee of the Bellagio during their robbery and complied with the criminal.

Such robberies rarely take place as casinos have a high level of security in place, from individuals in the casinos as well as surveillance systems. However, the high amount of cash in the poker cages does make the areas prime targets for bold criminals.

The incident at the Bellagio was quite bold and poker players who were present at the time could not believe that the robbery had actually taken place. According to reports by players, including actor James Woods, the staff acted appropriately and thankfully no one was hurt. If the situation had been handled differently, those in the poker room might have been injured.

As of yet, no more details have been provided regarding the poker room robbery at New York-New York Casino. Players were surely in attendance, but like the Bellagio robbery, they may have been completely unaware, especially if the gunman was discreet and the employees handled the situation quietly.

It will be interesting to see exactly what took place as authorities and the casino release details as they become available. The amount of money stolen remains a mystery at this MGM property as well as with the Bellagio robbery.

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