Lisa Gomez, age 28, was arrested last week in connection with a casino kidnapping at the Desert Diamond Casino in Arizona. From Phoenix, Gomez has been accused of helping a gang member and another individual to rob and kidnap two women from the casino.

Gomez is said to be involved in the kidnapping, which took place on January 13. She is currently being charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery. She is also facing a drug possession charge.

On January 15, Isaac Castro Gonzalez was arrested for being involved in the robbery. He is the known gang member involved in the case, a documented member of both the Border Brothers and Wet Back Power 31st Avenue gangs.

Officials have reported that Gomez was seen on surveillance footage at the Desert Diamond Casino following two women at the casino. She allegedly saw the players hit a $300 jackpot. Gomez is believed to be inside on of the two cards seen on camera involved in the incident.

After 2am on the morning of the incident, the two women were stopped in their vehicle by an unmarked police car. The car was flashing lights and seemed legit. The car was then boxed in by a second vehicle. The women were taken out of the car and bound up with handcuffs and zip ties.

They were driven to various ATM machines in the area and forced at gunpoint to empty bank accounts via the machines. Several thousand dollars were taken in the robbery effort. The victims cell phones and purses were also taken by the robbers.

The women were not released until around 5am and police eventually arrived, with one victim still in zip ties. Police were able to use the surveillance footage and details from the victims to eventually round up the individuals involved.

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