BetEasy is a bookmaker that is facing a lawsuit from an Australian bettor after not paying out winnings. Renee Bell says that almost A$1.2 million was not paid because she didn’t open the betting account herself. It was created by an employee of Crown Resorts when Bell joined the Signature Club of the casino. Bell is seeking the remainder of her winnings from the provider after being out only A$250,000 from a win of A$1.44 million.

What Happened with the Payouts?

Back in May 2018, Bell was playing at BetEasy when she placed A$500 in bets on several horses. The return was huge, at A$1,443,659.90. At the time, the operator was working as CrownBet. After picking the right horses, Bell won A$1,260,748.80 from one bet while four other bets provided the remainder. For her payout, the operator only gave out A$250,000.

BetEasy decided to return the A$100 bet which was the big winner and then canceled her other four bets with a refund of A$400. According to the terms and conditions of the operator, the maximum payout that can be provided for a multi-bet on racing and sports or combo of both is the A$250,000 amount.

Bell argued that she did not agree with the terms and conditions. She did not know she had the account until she signed up for the Crown Resorts Signature Club and then received an email about the account. She said the terms were not brought to her attention when she first logged in and placed the bets on the races.

As its defense, BetEasy stated that when a player opens an account they are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site. Now, the Supreme Court has scheduled hearings involving the lawsuit which will take place in November.

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