Authorities in India are still worried about gambling activity, especially as the festival of Sankranti is approaching in January. Police are currently surveying areas for gambling dens, online gambling, cockfights, and other forms of gambling activity. The crackdown comes as lawmakers are trying to define what is legal and illegal gambling in the country.

In Visakhapatnam, police are watching out for cockfights as it is prevalent in the area. Police have had a difficult time trying to stop such activity due to the organizers remaining mobile and moving fights from place to place.

Online gambling has also become popular in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Players can easily wager online instead of going out, to stay free and clear of the deadly virus. However, online gambling is not something that some want to see taking place.

The Madras High Court is currently looking to the government of Tamil Nadu on the subject of online gambling. The legal status of the activity has been in question for quite some time, but it has been ramped up due to several suicides in the country due to online gambling related debt. In previous discussions, chief minister Edappadi K Palaniswami has stated that a ban may be instituted due to the activity and how it is affecting players.

The Madras High Court is also going after Bollywood celebrities and ties to online gambling. Some celebrities have been endorsing online gambling games and the court worries that as the population adores the celebrities, they will play online more. The court does not want to see online gambling become what the region is known for.

In general, the goal seems to be to find clarity and choose to regulate gambling activities or ban them. Without regulations in place, players are not protected. It seems that the citizens of India want to be able to wager as people are arrested on a regular basis for taking part in gambling games.

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