Two River Rock Casino employees may soon lose their jobs after being arrested for their involvement in a private poker game taking place at a home in British Columbia. The women, who remain anonymous, work at the River Rock Casino and were arrested during a raid at a poker house by local police. The anti-gang agency of British Columbia informed the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch about the two females, who may now take action against them.

The owner of the casino, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, has issued a statement on the matter, staying that the incident could see the two women losing their position of employment within their company. The arrests took place back in the spring and the information is just now coming to light.

An auto-repair business was complained on by neighbors after the area was seen with fancy automobiles and women who were dressed up arriving on the scene in the middle of the night. Police raided the rental space located above the shop after surveilling the area for several months to stop the poker gaming in action.

During the raid, just over $36,000 in cash was seized along with checks totaling over $15,000. Eleven people were on site, all of which were searched and arrested. One employee of the casino was said to be the dealer of the private home game with one man identifying himself as a poker pro in the game.

Great Canadian pointed out in their statement on the matter that they have a zero tolerance policy for their staff members to be involved with an illegal gaming facility. They are not opposed to taking immediate action against any employee found to be taking part in activity involving illegal gaming. It seems the operator has plans to terminate the two women though no immediate decision has been revealed as of yet.

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