Across the United States, restrictions are loosening regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In the casino world, venues are opening more services and welcoming larger crowds. Vaccines are being distributed at a more rapid pace and case counts are down, so hopefully, the US is about to see the virus be a thing of the past. Both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have decided to ease up restrictions, providing more opportunities for casinos in the states to see financial recovery.

Pennsylvania Changes

In the Keystone State, Governor Tom Wolf decided to increase the capacity inside casinos. Venues can now offer 50% capacity. By April 4, the limit will increase to 75%. This is a huge difference from the 25-35% that the venues were operating at.

With the ability to welcome more players, the casinos can hopefully expect an increase in tourism levels as well as revenues. Restaurants are allowed to increase capacity as well, which helps the casinos to serve more patrons at one time.

Massachusetts Resumes Craps Games

In the state of Massachusetts, the focus is on table games. Regulators decided to allow casinos to start offering craps games again. When casinos reopened in 2020 after the first shutdown, games like poker, roulette, and craps were not allowed.

Back in August, operators asked for the games to be reinstated, but it was a no-go. Regulators felt the risk was too high due to the social nature of the table games. By October, roulette was allowed again. Poker has still not been given a timeline for launch.

For craps games, the casinos are allowed to have six players per table. The game dice need to be cleaned each time a new player rolls. The goal is to offer the game in the safest way possible.

For blackjack, regulators decided to increase table occupancy in the state. Instead of being limited to three players, four individuals can now be seated at the table.

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