Spillemyndigheden, the Gambling Authority of Denmark, requested back in February that 17 unlicensed gambling sites be blocked from the country. The request was approved by courts in March, but only 16 sites are included. One of the operators listed decided to cease operations before a ruling was made.

The Danish Gaming Authority sought help from the district court to block sites that are unauthorized to offer gambling services in the country. Once the court approved their request, the authority moved quickly, working with local internet service providers to shut them down.

It was in 2012 that Denmark changed their gambling market, adopting a legal framework that authorized the Gaming Authority to issue licensing to online gaming and sports betting operators who want to offer services in a regulated market.

Once the market was reorganized, the regulator began a monitoring process for unauthorized operators. Over the years, over 90 sites have been blocked from offering gambling services in the country.

For the 16 that were recently affected, seven provide skin betting, another seven offered online casino service and two focused on sports betting. With skin betting, players are able to wager on virtual items that are located in video games.

The option of skin betting has been under scrutiny as of late due to attracting minors. Young players who are underage might try to access betting options due to the association with video games that they play.

Once the regulator finds a site offering illegal gambling services in Denmark, they send a petition to the website owners. They are notified of the violation and asked to shut down services in the country. If a website continues to offer gaming options after the petition has been received, the Danish Gambling Authority then moves to block their operations via internet service providers once permission is provided by the court.  

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