Deutsche Spielbankenverband (DSbV) is a gaming machine operator association in Germany that is calling for payment providers to stop processing gaming payments that are considered illegal. The group wants to see incoherent case law surrounding iGambling to come to an end. This request comes in the wake of the Wirecard scandal.

Otto Wulferding is the chief executive of DSbV who stated that Wirecard was strongly involved in German online gambling. The group recently filed for insolvency after over one billion in funds that was supposed to be held in accounts may not even exist.

Wulferding pointed out that with Wirecard, monetary transactions involving companies like online casinos should take precedence. The Chief Executive also pointed out that it is a positive to see that both PayPal and Visa have stopped being involved with online gambling operators.

He stated further that online casinos that do not have a license to operate in Germany are evading regulatory framework that is in place to protect customers. These providers do not meet the requirements that apply to casinos with licensing, sites that allow players to wager, deposit and withdraw fund safely.

Right now, German states are talking about setting up a transition period that will allow gaming operators to offer online casino games before legal changes take place in July 2021.

The DSbV wants to be sure that the industry operates in a legal setting and that payment providers do not allow for illegal transactions to take place. Right now, payment service providers are banned from making payments connected to unauthorized casino gambling. Any company that does not comply could be banned from offering services in the country. The first payment blocking order actually took place in June of last year involving an unnamed company.

As of right now, the Fourth State Treat on Gambling is set to take effect in July 2021. Discussions continue as to whether or not to provide a transition period.

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