towards-a-comprehensive-european-framework-on-online-gambling-poker-eu-lawsIn today’s society there are many diseases that we deal with on a regular basis from the common cold to the flu. When playing casino games, it is smart to bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands on a regular basis to ensure that you can stay away from such sickness. With the recent outbreak of Ebola, individuals around the world are terrified of catching the disease and one gamblers joke about the disease recently turned in to a felony charge.

An elderly man, who remains anonymous, was recently charged with a felony after stating his wife made have had contact with someone who has the disease. The man was charged in Cleveland after a night of gaming at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. The man was not happy about the night before when he was not doing so hot at the gaming tables.

The man made the Ebola comment when he was cashing out his chips at the gaming tables and the table as shut down soon after. Players did not panic but the casino did shut down the table for a short time. A witness on the scene stated that the man did mention Ebola and he took down the man’s license plate number. Because of this information, police were able to find the man and make an arrest at his home.

Police were able to conclude that the man did not have contact with anyone who has Ebola nor did his wife. The man’s wife is not a nurse and was not traveling when Amber Vinson was, the nurse who was found to have the disease after caring for someone who was diagnosed. No one is playing around with the disease and in several instances, charges have been filed for those who make false claims. The man should have cut his losses and went home without making the crazy Ebola comments.





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