For the most part, gamblers know when to call it quits. You rack up a few losses and then leave the casino before you get into the hole too deep. However, for some, quitting doesn’t come naturally and losses pile up until they become unbearable. In Europe recently, a regular gambler of the Genting Casino located in Bournemouth was so frustrated after a big round of losses, he poured gas on a roulette table and threatened to set it on fire.

Amir Abol Abolghassem is in hot water right now after losing £400,000 at the roulette table of the casino. He was so frustrated over the losses that he snuck into the casino with a large container of gas and then poured it on top of a roulette table. He then threatened to burn the facility down while holding a lighter.

The player is a regular at the casino, so he is a familiar face. In late September, he walked into the facility and came to the upper levels where he threw a coffee table off a balcony on to a lower level of the property. He began belligerent, yelling and shouting, telling patrons to leave the casino because he was about to set it on fire.

After this display, he turned to the roulette table and poured the gas on top. Security arrested him on the spot for his actions and he now faces charges of threatening to damage property as well as possessing a knife.

He was sentenced on Monday and during the court proceeding, the defendant said that his life was over, and he felt it was the fault of the casino. Amir said during the incident that all casinos need to be burned down and he held a lighter in the air for 17 minutes before he was removed from the property.

The prosecution said he pulled a knife out and put it to his neck during the incident. He did not cut himself or light the lighter while on top of the roulette table.

After being arrested, Amir apologized for how he acted. He said he was acting out due to his gambling addiction and the loss of employment due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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