Mark William Branco is a former craps dealer of the Bellagio in Las Vegas who was recently released from prison after serving time for his part in a cheating scam at the casino. Branco was able to take $1.2 million from the casino with a co-worker and two accomplices. Now, the individual finds himself in the Black Book, banned from all casinos in the state of Nevada.

The activity of the former craps dealer was so severe he was sent to prison and will now never be able to enter a casino in the state again. If Branco decides to visit a property he would be arrested and face felony charges.

In 2014, Branco was arrested along side his co-worker Russell Cooper Jr. and two players, Anthony Granito and Jeffery Martin. The players were allowed to place ‘hop’ bets after the number was rolled in the game to earn the cash. This action is of course not allowed and the men were only able to get away with the scam for a short time before being caught.

The sentencing of those involved did not take place until 2016. The men were ordered to pay back $1.05 million to the casino. They pled guilty on charges of cheating at gambling and theft. A plea deal was arranged which allowed the men to avoid going to trial. If a trial had taken place, the charges and sentencing would most likely have been far more than what was taken.

Branco was the only one of the group who was sent to prison. The other three individuals were given parole. They too were added to the black book back in 2016.

The black book in Nevada now has 36 names. Individuals are placed in the book after taking part in crimes or other activities that Nevada Gaming Control Board deems placement in the book.

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