Local Choice Colorado is a campaign that is currently fighting for a higher betting limit than the current $100 available in the state. A total of 200,000 signatures will be turned in soon by the group to see Initiative 257 placed on the ballot this November. This is the start of the process to see the betting limit change instituted.

Colorado requires just over 124,000 signatures by registered voters to put an initiative on the ballot. However, the group pushed ahead to have a larger selection of signatures so that they could account for any non-registered voters or possible fake names.

Since February, the initiative has gained ground, with support shown from the former Cripple Creek mayor Bruce Brown and Bill Cadman, the former Senate President of the state. both men are supporting the effort, pushing to see the 33 casinos in the state offer higher betting limits.

If passed into law, the initiative would not change the existing rules for the gaming industry. However, it would allow local residents to make a decision for themselves to wager more. Over a decade ago, Initiative 50 was passed, which let locals decide that casinos could offer more games and the betting limit was raised from $5 to $!00.

Cripple Creek, Centennial City and Black Hawk are home to casino gambling. With the betting limit change, proponents feel that these areas would be more competitive with other gambling regions in the US. This would boost tourism numbers to the small towns.

The change comes just a few months after voters passed an initiative to legalize sports betting in the state. Sports betting just launched in May and has proven to be quite successful thus far, though the industry I still quite new.

It is unclear if the initiative makes it to the ballot, if voters will be on board to see the increase in betting limits.

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