Following the rules is essential in everyday life. We follow the rule when we drive, at work and even at home. There are many instances in which the rules must be followed to keep us safe. In some cases, breaking the rules can lead to major issues, such as jail time or losing your job. One gaming executive is now in hot water after breaking COVID-19 protocols, coming out of isolation and sneaking around to get the vaccine.

Rodney Baker is no longer associated with the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) after he resigned from the company. His resignation came just a short time after Baker and his wife were caught breaking COVID-19 isolation requirements. The two snuck off to get the COVID vaccine.

The casino company announced Baker’s resignation this week, revealing that the couple chartered a plane to get the vaccination. The top level casino executive and his wife said they were employees of a motel and qualified to receive the shot.

While the resignation falls in line with Baker’s failure to comply with protocols, it also is connected to a shakeup within the GCGC. Shareholders approved a takeover in December involving Apollo Global Management. The amount of the transaction comes in at $1.9 billion.

A deal was not reached in November with Apollo so the very next month, the company pushed its deal from C$39 a share to C$45. This change seemed to be enough to allow shareholders to give the greenlight.

The Canadian gaming company had been struggling during the pandemic and Apollo felt this was the perfect time to come in with a deal. Apollo has been involved in the gambling industry for many years, having acquired several companies along the way. They acquired Harrah’s Entertainment and TPG Capital of the United States way back in 2008. They renamed the company to Caesars Entertainment and sold its control of that company in 2018.

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