In today’s climate, wearing a mask is crucial to staying safe from the coronavirus. The CDC and medical experts across the United States recommend that if people must be around others, masks should be worn to slow the spread. Many states are issuing mandates within businesses as well as in general that people wear masks. Such mandates are not going over well among citizens and this includes casino visitors. In Nevada, a player in Lake Tahoe was recently charged with trespassing after refusing to wear a mask.

A man was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe on July 4 when he was spotted by casino officials, not wearing a mask. Security approached the man and told him to put a mask on if he wanted to stay at the bar.

The man was told that if he did not comply, then he must leave the property. The man refused to wear the mask and did not leave. He was confronted by security several times before he was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.

The sheriff’s office arrived at the casino and took the individual to face Richard Glasson, the Tahoe Justice of the Peace. Court documents stated that the man did not care about face masks and was not going to wear one.

The man was released by Glasson and was ordered to comply with the mandate or to avoid casinos entirely.

Arounds in and around Lake Tahoe have been hit with the coronavirus, just like the entire state of Nevada. Douglas County has 76 cases while nearby Washoe County has over 3,200 cases and over 80 deaths.

Nevada casinos reopened on June 4 after being shut down for almost three months. Very quickly, operators realized that guests were not wearing masks. At the time, masks were not mandated but encouraged. Just a few weeks after reopening, the governor created a full mask mandate in the state, which requires people to wear them when out in public.

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