After a surprising failure to legalize online gambling last year, lawmakers in Michigan are trying again. This week, new bills were introduced in the state to see online casino games as well as daily fantasy sports legalized and regulated.

Last year, Representative Brandt Iden was able to push legislation through the House and Senate. A bill set to legalize iGaming made it to the desk of former Governor Rick Snyder, only to be surprising vetoed. Lawmakers though Snyder was on board and when he vetoed the measure, all efforts were dashed.

Snyder vetoed the bill in his final days in office. Proponents of the measure were not happy and vowed to try again. Iden is now part of renewed efforts, with one bill introduced by him in the House and another companion bill having been introduced in the Senate.

The goal is to see a new division created in the state. The Michigan Gaming Control Board would be in charge of the new online gambling industry with land-based gaming venues and tribal casinos having the ability to apply for licensing.

A license to offer iGaming will cost $200,000. Revenues will be taxed at a low 8%. The bills should be able to move fairly quickly as lawmakers were already on board last year. Iden has already pointed out how legislation moved through the House and Senate last year, as the majority of lawmakers were approving of the idea.

The bill in the House is now up for a hearing next week and should have support. The new Governor Whitmer will hopefully be on board, though she has yet to state formally if she is in favor of online gambling for the state.

Hopefully, we will not see the same shutdown as year with legislation making it to the governor’s desk only to be vetoed in the final hours.

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Sadonna Price
Author Sadonna is a mom of two and an avid poker player who also enjoys online casino games. She has been part of the online gambling industry for over a decade, working as a news and blog writer. Sadonna still plays Texas hold’em in her free time while her daily job revolves around providing insights into the online gambling world using her creativity and writing skills.