Several countries around the world are cracking down on illegal online gambling activities, more specifically rings. In Thailand and Vietnam, police busted illegal gambling rings recently, groups that are running million-dollar operations. The goal of these busts is to stop illegal online gaming and sports betting in the countries.

Earlier this week, police in Da Nang in Vietnam took down an illegal gambling operation that had earned over $430 million since May. Bui Manh Tri was the leader of the ring. He was working with dealers located outside the country to set up accounts for online gaming and football betting sites. The accounts were then used by smaller agencies to provide Vietnamese people with the opportunity to gamble.

The group was able to make even more money by using the currency exchange rates to their advantage. Plus, gambling is illegal in Vietnam, but players want access to it. The gambling ring exploited the desires of the players to be able to rake in big bucks for many months until the operation was shut down.

During the raid, police were able to size cash and credit cards along with mobile telephones and other equipment used in the operation.

In Thailand, police were also busy shutting down an illegal online gambling ring. They arrested four people who are reportedly associate with nine sites that have been able to produce millions in revenues. Before this arrest, a total of 25 nationals from the country were arrested, allegedly involved in yet another illegal online gambling operation.

In September, the government of Thailand announced they would be tightening their efforts to stop illegal online gambling services. Local internet service providers were warned along with telecoms that they would be prosecuted if they do not block access to gambling sites. The companies that provide such services were given a total of 15 days to make the appropriate changes to ensure customers cannot access these sites.

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