Online poker and casino gaming as well as sports betting is on the minds of lawmakers in several states across the US. Lawmakers are looking at ways to expand their current gambling industry to be able to provide more revenues for their region. Illinois has plans to hold hearings in August and October to consider branching out into other areas of their gambling industry.

State Representative Bob Rita recently announced via press release that on the 22nd of this month, a hearing will be hosted in Chicago where lawmakers will be considering expanding the gambling market to include online poker, online casino and sports betting options. Rita is in charge of the House subcommittees on Gaming, and Sales and Other Taxes. The second hearing will take place on the 3rd of October in Springfield, continuing the discussions from the previous hearing.

Rita would like to see the subjects discussed as a gaming expansion would provide many opportunities in the state, from additional revenues to job creation and economic growth. The gambling landscape has changed a great deal over the years and the representative would like to take a look at any new opportunities that would help meet budget needs and benefit the economy.

Talks will be centered around online poker and casino gaming, plus sports betting. Talks have already begun among lawmakers and there is whispering that a casino is being considered for downtown Chicago that would be created based on a Las Vegas style.

It was rumored just a short time ago that lawmakers are considering an omnibus package with everything included, much like what Pennsylvania passed late last year. Reportedly, residents in Illinois spent around $1.5b gambling in neighboring states just last year. This money could be staying within the state, if new gaming options were provided. The goal is to consider the options and choose a plan that will benefit gamblers as well as the state.

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