A new lawsuit was filed in Illinois against the Harrah’s Joliet casino by a player who says he was wrongfully arrested. Darryl Allen was sentenced to jail time close to three years ago due to an incident at the casino. He is now saying that the detainment was unlawful and that the casino should pay him $10 million.

Allen has been in jail since March 2018. Police were called to the casino where a struggle took place and police felt that Allen was the aggressor. While in jail, Allen decided to file a pro se civil lawsuit where he represents himself. He says the casino is to blame for the lockup and he wants to be paid by the casino as well as receive an apology for the entire ordeal.

According to Allen, he was at Harrah’s when the incident occurred as a couple exited the casino, he asked the female if she had any luck. This reportedly made her partner very angry. The man then started shouting at Allen and reached in his waist, which Allen assumed to get a weapon. Allen took out his knife in response.

The man reportedly changed Allen as he tried to get away. Allen says he tried to get away from the confrontation the entire time. Security of the casino caught Allen in the parking garage, and he was eventually booked by police.

For the incident, Allen was served several charges including aggravated battery and assault, as well as attempted robbery. He wants to defend himself in court but may have difficulty proving his innocence. Police have confirmed that Allen confronted the female at the casino and put a knife to her throat, demanding that she give him money.

She managed to get away and has filed a suit of her own against Caesars Entertainment. The victim is suing the operator for no providing better security at the venue.

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