The Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino had to close late last week due to potential flooding. The closure of the casino has caused the property to lose out on visitors,  costing the town money in the process. The casino is losing just over $731,000 a day which comes to just over $2.9 million as of yesterday morning. Now the state is losing around $255,000 a day in collections from casino taxes.

The casino is located down from the Ohio River which has been rising due to heavy rains. The rising river waters caused officials of the venue to close, which lead to promotions, events and entertainment options also being closed over the weekend.

Now, it seems the property may be closed for several more days as the river continues to be high. The riverboat casino has remained afloat, but it must shut down when flooding takes place across the roadway, so patrons will not be in harms way. It is not advisable for visitors to travel on the roadways so close to the river during flooding.

The month of February is not a strong one for the riverboat casino as the weather usually plays a part in deterring gamblers. Heavy rains and snow can lead to hazardous travel conditions, which keeps customers from driving the dark roadway to reach the facility. However, weekends are pretty busy as residents want to get out of their homes, due to cabin fever in the winter months.

For now, the boat will remain shut down until officials feel that patrons will be safe to travel to the riverboat. The boat has been shut down due to high water in the past, a total of five times since 2011. The closure certainly pays a toll on the state and hopefully the river will lower enough in the coming days to see the casino reopen, cutting down on the losses incurred due to lost tax funds.

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