The Poker Players Alliance is a staunch supportor of poker gaming in the United States, including online gaming options. Longtime executive director of the PPA, John Pappas, has used his role in the PPA to help see the development of poker in many areas within the US. It was announced this week that Pappas will no longer be the leader of the PPA and will be passing on the position to Vice President Rich Muny.

In a press release on the matter, it was announced that Pappas position will be taken over by Muny, with the former director staying on with his role on the board of directors. Pappas will also continue to work as a strategic advisor.

Pappas has held the role as executive director of the Poker Players Alliance for several years now, since first taking on the position in 2007. Before that, Pappas was the Vice President of Government Affairs in 2005. Pappas commented in the press release that his departure from the executive director position comes at a time when there has never been greater momentum for the advancement of sensible online gaming policy within the United States.

A member of the PPA board, Linda Johnson, also a Poker Hall of Famer, was positive in her remarks about Papas, calling him a tremendous leader and true professional Johnson stated that with Pappas’ guidance, the PPA has been able to emerge as a policy advocate and grassroots powerhouse in D.C. as well as within state capitols across the country. For close to a decade, Pappas has been a political voice and a face within the poker community, working to see regulation in place for online gaming and beyond.

Pappas will certainly be missed in his role as executive director but will remain a face within the PPA providing his expertise whenever needed.

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