Instead of focusing on online poker and casino legislation, states in the US have shifted their focus to sports betting. Since the May ruling by the US Supreme Court removing a nationwide ban on sports betting, state after state have passed legislation to be able to begin offering the gambling option. Kansas is the latest state to show interest in the industry, with lawmakers looking to the next session to begin discussions.

With 2018 coming to an end, lawmakers in Kansas are looking ahead to 2019 and the new legislative session to consider sports betting. Earlier this week, lawmakers attended a sports betting special session to review the details of possible legislation.

Attendees of the meeting stated that everyone wants to be educated and not many any decisions by passing legislation for interest groups. The goal is to learn more about the sports betting industry as a whole and come up with legislation that will allow Kansas to get started without any major issues in the future.

Lawmakers have yet to submit any official legislation, but politicians will continue to discuss details of what a bill should include. Subjects for consideration include tax rates for the new industry, mobile betting, stopping fraud and more.

In the past, Representative Jan Kessinger proposed a bill involving sports betting, but the measure was unable to advance beyond a hearing. Laura Kelly is the new governor of the state, a democrat who has plans to see sports betting come to pass in the state.

Currently, gamblers in Kansas have access to four commercial casino venues. It is assumed that these venues would be home to sports betting if legislation were to be approved and signed into law. The state would join eight that have legalized the industry and now offer services in the US.

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