Leon Tsoukernik is the owner of the King’s Casino in the Czech Republic, a hot spot for live poker gaming. The casino has hosted a number of major events over the years but stopped in 2020 due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the casino was shut down for several months, someone decided to use its likeness on Facebook and advertise events. Tsoukernik found out and asked Facebook to remove the ads, only to be denied. Taking the case to court, the casino owner has now seen a positive ruling in his favor regarding the matter.

Taking on Facebook

As one of the largest social media companies in the world, taking on Facebook is no small feat. After taking the giant to court, Tsoukernik has seen a positive ruling in Prague. A preliminary injunction was provided, seeking to force Facebook to remove the false ads.

The ads showcased King’s Casino Online and said that the best Czech casino is now offering online services. Of course, the casino is not offering online services and Tsoukernik tried to get Facebook to remove the ads.

Essentially, the ads made the casino appear to be involved in false advertising, but King’s was not responsible for the marketing campaign. Apparently, a person or company in America had created the ads, but Tsoukernik was not able to find out who was directly behind the ads.

This past April, the casino owner filed a lawsuit against Facebook in Prague court to see the ads removed. He also wants financial damages from the false advertising which amounts to over $23 million. The court has since ruled that the case will be played out in the Czech court system. The company does not have to file in Ireland where Facebook is headquartered.

The preliminary injunction order requires Facebook to remove the ads related to King’s Casino until the judge rules on the matter. Tsoukernik also has the right to seek additional damages, especially if Facebook is not compliant with the most recent injunction.

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