It’s been some time since the Bellagio Poker Room in Las Vegas, Nevada was robbed, and police are still trying to find the individual responsible. Back in November, a man wearing a wig and a covering over a portion of his face went to the cashier cage of the poker room and demanded cash. The suspect had a gun and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

Earlier this week, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced that the case is still open and under investigation. There have yet to be any arrests in the case. Police have been able to determine that the suspect left the casino in a 2011 Silver Chevrolet Cruze which was stolen. The vehicle was recovered but no additional information was uncovered to help police determine who the suspect was.

Police have announced that the suspect is aged 30 to 40 and is 5’7 to 5’9 feet tall. The estimated weight of the individual is 170 pounds. Police are asking that anyone with information to contact police.

Several poker players were in the poker room when the robbery took place. The subject was so quiet during the robbery that it was basically unknown that anything was going on until after the incident happened.

James Woods, a Hollywood actor and poker player, was there but did not witness the incident. He did state that the casino staff handled the situation well. The money was surrendered in a quiet manner so that the players and other patrons of the casino were safe.

With no leads, it will be pretty difficult to figure out who the individual or individuals involved in the robbery are. The incident was captured on video and the footage has been released. However, thus far, the footage has not resulted in an arrest or further leads in the case.

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