The Las Vegas Sands Corp. really wants to offer casino gaming in Texas. The company has been supporting legislation for quite some time now that would expand gambling in the state to include casinos. Right now, legislation would allow voters to approve the option. To help, the Las Vegas Sands has started a campaign push, spending millions to create an advertising campaign via television and radio to bring in more support for the cause.

In the new ads, Las Vegas Sands tells the audience that the state is losing billions of dollars as Texans go to neighboring states to play casino games. The ads provide insight into the potential legislative effort, helping voters to see what they might be voting on in November.

The measure must be approved by legislature to go on the ballot and then approved by voters to become a reality. If everything works out, the gambling ban in Texas would be overturned with an amendment to the state’s constitution.

HJR 133 and SJR 49 would bring Las Vegas style casinos to Texas. Four casino licenses would be on the table for companies to create destination resorts. Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are the cities where the casinos would be available.

The Las Vegas Sands wants a license and is doing everything they can to see the industry come to life and give themselves a shot at joining the huge market. Last year, the company hired eight lobbyists in the city of Austin, and it seems they are going to be a front-runner when it comes to obtaining licensing.

Unfortunately for the company, it is going to be a bit difficult to see the legislation come to pass. Both the house and senate measures are pending and there are certain officials that are not keen on bringing gambling to Texas.

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