Las Vegas was a buzz over the weekend as an attempted robbery took place at the Bellagio Casino. The poker room of the casino was hit yet again, with the end result being a shootout with police. The suspect was trying to get away in a vehicle when the shooting took place. The robber was taken to the hospital where he later died due to injuries sustained.

In a surprising turn of events, the individual is now being considered as a suspect during a similar robbery from 2017. Investigators are looking into whether or not the individual was the same person who stole money from the Bellagio poker room in late 2017.

The two robberies had similar strategies. In both instances, an armed man targeted the poker room cage at the Bellagio. The location used was the north valet entrance. Detectives are investigating to determine if the robbery was perhaps a copy cat or the same person back for a second go round.

With the most recent robbery, the criminal might have gotten away with it. However, there was a heavy presence of police in the are due to a missing child. The police on site saw the robbery taking place as it happened and then immediately took action.

The identity of the suspect remains under wraps as relatives have yet to be made know of his passing. More details should emerge in the coming days as his next of kin are notified.

It will be interesting to see if police will be able to use information from the previous robbery and details of this latest attempt to determine if the two are connected. If so, the mystery will be solved and we will know the identity of who managed to get away with a poker room robbery and tried to do it again. However, police may find that the suspect is not the same person and the individual will still be at large.

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