President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico has decided to stop the casino licensing process to investigate if licenses were issued illegally. Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero, has been asked to investigate the matter. According to President Obrador, there are questions hovering over some of the license holders that were approved under the administration of President Vincente Fox.

Cleaning Up The Government

President Obrador has plans to clean up the government of Mexico. There is a problem and they are going to solve it. No more casinos will be open and no permits provided. For each casino authorized, seven million pesos were provided. The President wants to look into that payment. If license holders were approved in the wrong manner, the license will be revoked.

One operator under scrutiny is Attractions and Emotions Vallarta. They were allowed to provide 50 licenses to just four companies. The Ministry of the Interior has asked to prove that they were within the law when approving these licenses. The President wants to see documentation to back up the decision.

The four companies in question include Grupo Blue Bet Mexico, Waddcor, Latam Operations and the True Win Group. Documentation must be provided regarding these companies including covering the Regulation of the Federal Law of Games and Draws.  

During the recent administration, licensing requests have been denied. Some operators have been shut down by the new administration. Others have been denied licensing for sports betting activities. It seems the new president is taking the position seriously and wants to ensure that the process of casino gaming licensing is done the right way.

We should see over the coming weeks, changes in the industry, perhaps some operators shut down, as the government finds out details involving the individual licensing process. It will be interesting to see who remains in business and who is negatively affected by the process.

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