maryland-map-symbols1Land based casinos are successful due to a number of factors. Casinos have to offer quality gaming such as poker and slots as well as provide a safe and comfortable environment. Gamblers will always have their favorite casinos to visit, with high rollers spending a ton of cash to be able to enjoy their favorite games. Maryland Live! Casino is the largest gambling venue within the state that has just recently filed a lawsuit against an up and coming casino due to stolen trade secrets

Maryland Live! has a list of high rollers who they count on for revenues. Reportedly, this list which consists of 3,000 names, was given to MGM National Harbor Casino. Former employees are said to have provided this list to the rival casino. is reporting that MGM is denying the allegations by Maryland Live! and stated that the lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to try and stifle competition to the venue as they expect MGM’s new casino to be a big competitor.

According to Maryland Live!, three casino hosts took trade secrets before they were terminated and gave the information to MGM. Once caught, the defendants signed a certification which stated that the secrets were destroyed and any electronic copies were returned to Maryland Live! The casino then found out that this certification was false.

Employees of the venue have to sign a non-compete agreement which basically means they cannot tell inside information to other competitors. The former employees broke this agreement by taking the list to MGM. The Maryland Live! Casino has now filed a lawsuit in federal court of Baltimore. It will be interesting to see if more information is found in this case and what, if anything MGM will have to do if it is found that the information was provided to the up and coming gaming venue.

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