Casinos located across the United States take security very seriously. In every state, gaming venues take security precautions to ensure that players are safe at all times. With so much money on the premises, it is important to have measures in place to protect the cashier cages, the gaming machines as well as players. Just recently, a casino in Michigan decided to test a new form of technology that will not only provide more security, but it will also help with player retention.

VSBLTY is a technology firm based in California that has created facial recognition software that will be used to protect consumers at gaming venues. The Gun Lake Casino in Wayland, Michigan is now testing the software in a pilot program format. The program can be used to determine players age, gender, dwell time and more.

With this information, the casino can have access to data that will help the gambling venue to make decisions based on consumer needs. The new program will create a virtual perimeter around the casino floor, working to analyze player behavior as well as augment security operations. The technology even has the capabilities to recognize weaponry, such as specific types of guns, to better secure the property.

With such technology, the software can recognize if an individual is carrying a weapon and then security will be contacted. Once contacted, the security team can then take action. The goal is to stop any violent actions by recognizing when an individual may be carrying a weapon the premises.

Technology such as this is in the works in order to promote a safer environment at gaming venues. Players need to feel secure and with such technology in place, added measures are provided to ensure that players are safe at all times.

It will be interesting to see how well the tech fares and how the casino will be able to benefit from additional security measures as well as customer data for retention and other uses. If the software integrates well, it would not be surprising to see more venues adding the same program as well.

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