Commercial casino gaming in Detroit, Michigan has halted yet again. On Sunday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that new restrictions were coming in to play within the state due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. With the restrictions, the three commercial casinos in Detroit will be shut down for at least three weeks along with movie theaters, indoor dining, colleges, and high schools. The restrictions begin tomorrow and go through December 9.

The second gaming shutdown is due to the spike in positive of cases. During the announcement, Whitmer said that there are thousands of new cases a day and hundreds of deaths a week in the state. The number is growing and if the state does not act now, then thousands of more people will die. The hospitals will continue to be overwhelmed and unable to properly care for all patients.

The casinos in Michigan just reopened in August as the state is among the strictest when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. The state is the first to start a second shutdown of casinos, though this time it is expected to be shorter than the original shut down. However, if case counts continue to rise, Whitmer will not be slow to act.

Additional restriction changes are happening across the United States in the casino industry. In Massachusetts, the state has banned overnight gaming within its commercial casinos. In Colorado, officials have temporarily banned table games and are only allowing slot play at casino venues.

The Rivers Casino is Philadelphia is closing down due to an increase in cases in the city. Nearby casinos remain open but they could be next if the case counts do not go down.

These are just a few examples of the closures and changes to casinos in the US. As there is no national mandate or order in place, there is a mix of restrictions and everyone is acting differently. Many believe if a nationwide guide was provided, the US would have a better handle on the pandemic.

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