Mike Postle is a poker player who has been accused of cheating. Due to the poker community coming out against him, Postle decided to file a defamation suit for $330 million. He named several people and entities in the case as well as whistleblower Veronica Brill. It seems this past week, the poker player decided to drop the case.

A request was filed last week within the Sacramento County Superior Court to drop the case by Postle. Las Vegas, Nevada based attorney Marc Randazza provided information on the case drop, stating that since the defamation case is no longer being pursued, Postle will lose the Anti-SLAPP cases he faced involving two defendants in the case.

Veronica Brill and Todd Wittles, a poker pro, was named as defendants in the case. They decided to file anti-SLAPP motions against Postle. The term SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation. An anti-SLAPP law is one that protects people who exercise their right to free speech.

According to Brill, now that Postle dropped the case against her, he owes legal fees. Postle filed the defamation suit last October and was seeking damages and injunctive relief based on allegations of slander and defamation, emotional distress, and other claims.

Several big names in poker were listed in the suit, including Daniel Negranu, Poker News, Run It Once, and Upswing Poker, among others. Not long after the suit was filed, the lawyers for Postle decided to file to no longer be his counsel. By January of this year, Postle was no longer represented by attorneys.

The defamation suit stems from allegations against Postle by Brill and other professionals in the game. Hours of game footage was reviewed by the players of Postle’s gameplay. Most agreed that Postle was gaining information on opponents’ hole cards from the live stream to make the correct decisions to win the hands.

Ultimately, a judge in the case dropped the charges against Postle. Most of the plaintiffs in the case agreed to a settlement offer.

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