Today, a meeting took place involving the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and online gaming. Several temporary regulations were revealed, involving both online casino and poker games. The meeting was open to the public and offered not only information about the much-anticipated online gaming industry, but also included regulations for daily fantasy sports.

Several groupings of regulations related to online gambling were approved by the Gaming Control Board during the meeting. Provisions were approved in relation to security and integrity of interactive gaming, including controls for equipment used, system requirements, plus software needs like standards for recovery and shutdown.

Regulations were also approved for game testing in Pennsylvania along with controls; advertising for operators, promotions and tournaments, as well as Live studio gaming rules. The live studio section is related to live dealer games that are provided for online players.

During the meeting, all of these regulations were considered and discussed. What was not discussed was gaming skins. It has yet to be revealed if regulator will be allowing license holders to offer multiple skins via one operator license or a limited amount. If the state were to pattern their offering after New Jersey, then multiple skins would be allowed.

Many operators of land-based venues argue that multiple skins should be allowed because there is benefits to the option. New Jersey proves just how successful multiple skins can be. Why the regulators have not announced how many skins will be allowed is anyone’s guess. They may still be weighing what they see as pros and cons before making a final decision.

According to Kevin O’Toole, the Executive Director of the Gaming Control Board, applications will not be taken as of yet for those who wish to become involved in iGaming. Before applications can be accepted, the board needs to release one more set of regulations. The Board hopes to be ready with the additional regulations by the 2nd of April.

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