With sports betting legalization possibly on the horizon for the United States, the National Council of Problem Gambling wants to ensure that guidelines are in place to create a framework that legislators as well as lobbyists will go by when it comes to the activity. The group recently released such guidelines that had been refined after the initial framework was created last year.

Keith Whyte commented on the recent guidelines by stating that everyone has recognized that a seismic change is coming to the industry and the board of directors wanted to put together initial guideline that would show their views and be helpful to legislators as well as gaming regulators.

A seismic change is the right wording in this situation. In the United States, sports betting is basically banned. Right now, Nevada is the only state offering full on sports betting and millions are spent each year on illegal wagering elsewhere. If states have the ability to offer sports betting in a legal setting, there is much money to be gained.

The option is possible due to a case involving the state of New Jersey. In Christie vs NCAA, the United States Supreme Court is currently considering whether or not the Professional Sports & Amateur Protection Act is or is not constitutional. If it is ruled unconstitutional, then states would have the right to pass legislation to legalize sports betting. Many states, like New Jersey, have already done so in anticipation.

The basis of the guidelines involving sports betting by the National Council of Problem Gambling centers around problem gambling. The group wants operators to realize their social responsibility to consumers and work to minimize addiction. Funds should be dedicated to preventing and treating gambling problems via the leagues and governmental body that will earn revenues from sports betting.

The group would like to see dedicated funds used in the above manner as well as require operators to implement responsible gaming programs. A consistent minimum age for taking part should also be considered, along with other consumer protections.

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