A few gaming operators in Nevada are showing their opposition to an expansion within the state’s iGaming regulations. Almost 30 owners of small casinos and taverns sent a letter to the Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission detailing how they feel online gaming will harm their operations.

Red Rock at the Helm

According to media reports, the letter was sent by the Red Rock Resorts corporate office and is considered a preemptive measure by those who signed on. Regulators have delayed plans to change the online gaming regulations within the Gaming Regulation 5A, but the opposition still wants to act now.

The letter was signed by several companies including Red Rock Vice Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta and CEO Frank Fertitta III. The company is behind the Station Casinos venues in Nevada and also had a hand in the online poker site Ultimate Poker, which failed to gain any ground in the iPoker industry.

Meurelo Gaming VP of government affairs, Andrew Diss, was the only person who signed the letter that spoke out publicly on the matter. He said that the group wants a discussion and it shouldn’t be changes where suddenly the doors are thrown open to iGaming.

The group reportedly feels that the Gaming Policy Committee is where an expansion of online gambling should be discussed. In the letter, it states those that signed are strongly opposed. They want consideration to be given as to if online gaming is needed to grow the state’s economy and how helpful it will be to the local communities.

The opposition is fearful that online gambling will undermine any investments made towards physical locations. They also feel it will harm small gaming revenues and weaken the current public policy and regulations. Properties with less than 15 gaming machines are also believed to be at risk.

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