Across the United States, there is a heightened fear that pro-Donald Trump protests will take place in major cities and capitals this week as the Biden inauguration draws near. In Las Vegas, security concerns are prevalent, especially for casinos. Casinos in Southern Nevada are staying on top of any risk via the Counter Terrorism Center in the state. Plans regarding security will be changed or developed as new information is obtained.

Unlikely New Measures Will Be Needed

While the country is on high alert, it is unlikely that additional measures will be needed for casinos in Nevada due to terrorist acts. According to officials, the major casino operators already have enhanced security protocols in place against threats, including terrorism.

The casinos provide quality security measures for properties and work with the Metro Police department as well as the Gaming Control Board to ensure safety. Potential threats are monitored closely, and action taken as needed.

It is expected that there will be no major changes to security in Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, unless a planned demonstration in a high concentration takes place in the area.

Protests in Carson City

Protests have taken place in Carson City, the capitol of the state. Across the nation, at other state capitols, protests have taken place involving pro-Trump supporters. Some of the Carsen City protestors have worn picket signs and carried firearms. It is legal to open carry in the state of Nevada.

Since the Nashville bombing in December, authorities in major cities like Las Vegas have been on high alert. Now that the US capital was breached and congress threatened, heightened measures are being taken to ensure large buildings and busy areas are safe and secure.

Most everyone is hoping that the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States and Kamala Harris as Vice President will go off without a hitch. Plenty of security are located at the capital to protect them from harm.

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