Online gambling is alive and well in the United States but restricted within the borders of states that have legalized the option. In the state of Nevada, the only option for online wagering currently is for online poker. Just recently, it was made public that a sports betting operator has been issued a fine to offering online wagering to players located outside the state.

The state’s Gaming Control Board website listed information regarding a recent complaint and settlement involving CG Technology. The company reportedly accepted online wagers from gamblers located across the United States, which violated the casino regulations of Nevada. The company self-reported the activity.

The result of the actions by CG Technology is a $250,000 fine, plus the firm having to stop using their own tech and equipment. The company can remain in business, but they must use a third party for their equipment and tech usage. In six months, the Gaming Control Board has stated that the company must case using their own sports pool wagering system and components.

The company found that back in November of 2016, the mobile wagering system allowed a Maryland gambler to place a wager. The company made modifications to their software via the geolocation functions but by April of last year, bets were placed yet again out of state, this time in California, Arizona and Texas.

The complaint against the company stated their conduct was a failure to comply with or make provision for compliance with the federal, state and local laws along with regulations. Back when the instances occurred, sports betting was heavily restricted in the US, basically nonexistent outside the state of Nevada. Now, after a recent court ruling by SCOTUS on the matter, sports betting can be legalized in every state.

In addition to the other state wagering, the company was found to have allowed wagering on events that had already finished up. Another breach of operation for the company and not the first time the brand has been in trouble with regulators.

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