newjerseyOnline poker has been available for several months now in the state of New Jersey and changes are constantly being made to keep the option up in value for players in the state. Governor Chris Christie is heavily involved in online gaming and after Delaware and Nevada decided to work together with shared player pools, it was expected that New Jersey would as well. Now, news has been released that Chris Christie has been in talks with Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada,  about sharing player pools in the online poker industry.

At OnlinePokerReport, a tweet was reported on from Howard Stutz which stated that when Christie was asked about an online gaming pact between Nevada and New Jersey he stated the he has talked to Sandoval on the subject. Stutz was in NJ to attend a gaming summit which Christie was attending as well. The comments are welcomed by many in the industry as a gaming pact for online poker would mean even more players for New Jersey’s online poker industry.

New Jersey and Nevada already work together in a gambling aspect with progressive slot games. The two states launched a series of slot games in August that are connected progressives that are spread over 100s of machines. The jackpot is contributed to by players in both Nevada and New Jersey which is a new concept for gaming. With online poker, the concept is very similar and will provide a connective gaming environment between the two states.

The governors of the two states will have to continue their talks and come to an agreement before the option can become a reality. Nevada and Delaware have already signed an agreement and interstate game play was supposed to begin towards the end of this year but it is now expected for the option to go live in 2015.

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