Over the past few months, gambling regulations have been under scrutiny in the United Kingdom. Concerns have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic as players are stuck at home with nothing to do. Some fear that gambling may become a problem, though no real evidence has been found to suggest that online gambling numbers have increased along with problem gamblers. Just this week, a new measure was introduced by the anti-gambling community, in which all gambling advertising would be banned completely.

MPs Get on Board

The new legislation is an attempt to stop all advertising involving gambling. Reportedly, around 50 Members of Parliament (MPs) have signed on to support the measure. The group is being called the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gambling Related Harm. They are set to introduce several changes to gambling laws in the UK, including the ban on TV as well as online gambling ads.

According to the group’s chair, Carolyn Harris, the industry has destroyed people’s lives. The group believes that changes that are being implemented are limited and are not helping to curb gambling harm.

Along with the advertising ban, the group also wants the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to be reviewed. The group was formed due to the Gambling Act of 2005. The review would determine if the Gambling Commission is capable of functioning in the changing gambling world as more online elements exist.

The Betting and Gaming Council has responded to the changes the group wants to provide. According to the Council, more than 20 million adults enjoy gambling on the occasion, be it the National Lottery, sports betting, bingo and other options, and the majority do it safely. The Council pointed out that the Regulator and the Governor have made it clear that there is no evidence that problem gambling has increased. However, as an industry, everyone must continue to do more to help those who do have an issue.

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