Earlier this week, we reported on the state of Tennessee and how sports betting is currently under discussion. We mentioned that new governor Bill Lee could be a problem and it seems that any efforts to make any type of change in the gambling industry for the state will be slow going or almost impossible. Lee is currently waiting to be sworn in and seems ready to stop at nothing to avoid the state from moving forward with gambling additions.


During a campaign debate back in October, Lee made it clear that if he was to be named governor, he would have an anti-gambling stance. During the debate, he spoke loud and clear, stating that he would work with the state Assembly to ensure that any legislation involving gambling would be stopped.

The governor is quite conservative and feels that gambling is connected to crime. During the debate he even said that organized betting will frequently turn into organized crime and that is not needed in Tennessee.

It is important to note that while the governor can have his opinion, but he must do what is wanted by the people of the state. Despite personal ideas or beliefs, decisions must be made to ensure the will of the people is followed, even if it means to pass legislation to allow sports betting or other gambling in the state.

Sports betting is passing continually in states across the US. If Tennessee continues to fall behind in passing legislation, they will soon be the minority. Neighboring state Mississippi already has launched sports betting and is doing quite well. Currently, they are the only state in the region to offer sports betting, gaining a nice lead on any potential competitors in the south.

Hopefully, the new Tennessee governor will not hinder the state from getting started in the sports betting industry along with any other changes that the people or lawmakers hope to see take place.


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