When it comes to copyright laws, it is important for businesses to stay in their lane, never using the same details as another company. For the most part, businesses try to be creative and use their own ideas to market services or products. However, sometimes a company will use something similar or outright steal an idea to use for their own gain, which is a big no-no. In New Jersey, the Ocean Casino Resort of Atlantic City recently filed a lawsuit against the Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia after the casino started a new marketing campaign that uses a similar slogan.

Marketing Campaign Phrase

The Philadelphia casino used the slogan “Let’s Go for the Win” in its new campaign which the Ocean Casino says it to similar to its phrase “Go for the Win”. Ocean Casino says in its lawsuit that $140,000 was spent on its marketing strategy back in June to use the phrase and that another $1.5 million was spent to showcase the campaign in the south area of Jersey and in Philadelphia.

Just one month later, the Live! venue launched its campaign with very similar wordage and Ocean Casino is not happy about it. Attorneys for Ocean Casino say that the Live! Casino is infringing on a copyrighted slogan by using the phrase in its campaign.

Ocean says in the lawsuit that it filed an intent-to-use application for “Go for the Win” back in May with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application was approved, and Ocean says that the Philadelphia casino has now stolen the catchphrase to use for its own gain.

 Additional Details

Ocean Casino is seeking damages with the lawsuit, though the amount is unknown. The operator also wants Live! to remove the advertising that it is using that contains a similar slogan. Television and online ads have been created by the Philadelphia casino as well as billboards that are plastered around Atlantic City.

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit plays out. The slogans are certainly similar and the fact that Ocean has copyright will most likely play into the outcome of the case.

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