138.com, an online gambling operator based in Asia, has shut down operations. This comes at the same time as Mansion88 decided to stop offering services in Cambodia and Malaysia. It is unclear as to why the sites are no longer offering services.

In early May, reports began to surface from online gambling affiliates in Asia that the 138 site was going to shut down. The site first stated that players would be able to withdraw funds and then suppliers were told that they would no longer be providing services. The site then shut down.

Some affiliates think the site shut down temporarily due to support services closing in the Philippines due to the coronavirus mitigation requirements. However, this does not seem like the right answer due to the site being offline completely.

According to CalvinAyre, sources have suggested that the Suncity Group, the parent company of the site, is under pressure internally from shareholders to cut ties with online gambling operations.

At the same time, online gambling operator M88, also known as Mansion88, is said to be cutting services in Malaysia and Cambodia by May 31st. It has been reported that the company sees the markets as small compared to other areas like Vietnam and China.

Customers of the brand can still play at the site until the end of the month. Promotions have been discontinued starting on May 25th. Funds can be used to play until the end of the month or withdrawn, depending on the desire of the player.

These shutdowns come at a time when online gambling is starting to surge. As people are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, they are looking for entertainment options. Online casino gambling is an obvious choice for many, with operators seeing larger traffic numbers and more revenues as the lockdowns continue around the world.

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