While online casino and poker gaming has been in existence since 2013 in New Jersey, the poker side of things have continued to dwindle. Online poker has yet to be able to maintain a strong foothold with online poker sites floundering to make much of a profit. According to the recent data figures, the online poker market of New Jersey has seen its worst year yet in 2018.

For the year, the online poker industry earned around $21.3 million. This is a decrease of around $3 million when compared to 2017 numbers. This is the lowest amount ever earned by online poker in the history of the state.

For the year, the three licensees that have a poker network in the state, only one was able to see an increase in revenues when comparing year over year totals. The All American Poker Network of Caesars was successful with interstate poker pool sharing seeing nice gains in that segment.

Partypoker and PokerStars were not so fortunate. PokerStars was overtaken by Caesars back in May when they produced the top revenue numbers. Since early summer, PokerStars has only retaken the lead one time.

Caesars breaking out into the forefront was a surprise since PokerStars is a dominant provider internationally. Partypoker continues to struggle, with the company only bringing in close to $400,000 every month. Since early on in the year, the company has been unable to earn half a million, which is something that online poker should be able to do easily.

It seems the industry may be hit with another blow if the new ruling by the Department of Justice on the Wire Act is enforced. The DOJ ruled that the Wire Act applies to all interstate online gambling. This should signal the end of share player pools which will affect New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.  

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