Despite the Department of Justice ruling that the Wire Act from 1961 applies to all interstate online gambling, Pennsylvania has plans to continue their efforts to begin in the industry this year. The Gaming Control Board of the state has spoken out on the matter, stating that the plans are to forge ahead.

According to PlayPennsylvania, the Communications Director for the Board, Doug Harbach, commentd that the group will be considering the new opinion, but they are still comfortable with what the state plans on offering.

Mr. Harbach stated that the Board will be reviewing the discussing the matter and how it might affect the gaming activities offered in the state. However, their current gaming landscape is all interstate and is considered legal within the borders of the state.

While the new online gaming industry in the state will be kept within their borders, there are areas that could still be affected based on the implications of the Wire Act. Payment processing may become a problem due to the location of the financial institution. The locations of gaming servers may need to be kept inside the state to avoid any issues.

The state may not be able to take part in online poker compacts with other states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, as this would be considered interstate gaming. The three states already share online poker liquidity, but they may soon stop due to the new interpretation of the act. Live dealer games may also be an issue.

As Pennsylvania plans to move forward, we will certainly stay on top of any changes that may occur. Those involved in the online gambling industry in the United States are waiting with baited breath to see how the various industries, online casino, poker and lottery gaming, are affected by this sudden and unexpected change.

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